Lucia Quevedo

Play 2 Win, 2017

No compromise thanks.
There's a mark there, always gets revealed, no point in being subtle. Eventually, eventually, eventually.
The damage happens constantly but is only seen at the end, when it is finally seen and the effect happens.

Adrenaline, is that what you were looking for? In what form? Are you able to see? Are your glasses clean, is your mind sober.

A remark on failure or upset.
Humiliation that leads to that uncontrollable physical reaction. That punch, the head down, clenched fists, a tense body in despair.
I failed (you), it failed (me).
Desperate vulnerable lonely moment; how slow and long you are, taking over every possibility of distraction. Laying on there, thick.

It happens and it roars and it has stage presence. Eager to just see what happens, it sits and feeds off your curiosity and grows.

This is (me) caring and winning.

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