Lawrence Leaman

Double Headed Cut Outs, 2013

Lawrence Leaman presents a new series of wall-hung abstract drawings/sculptures that employ light craft techniques: drawing, assemblage and collage. Mounted on frames made from 'art straws' (colourful paper straws marketed for use in children's art activities), these drawings consist of a single, continuous pencil line that charts a series of dynamic and seemingly automatic, circular arabesque motions. This final image has been carefully cut out and mounted upon the art straws, bringing it into floating relief.

In some of the works art straw-mounted drawings have been given a newspaper backing board, whilst in others the line-drawing is replaced by graphite-shaded, three dimensional, organic-looking, folded paper shapes. 

A sense of domesticity and a retardation prevails here: the eccentric, instinctual and mannered, lo-fi, decorative objects made by amateur crafters, the absent-minded, but psychological revealing doodles one generates whilst distracted, and the inherent enjoyment in image-making; making a drawn line communicate an idea.

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Lawrence Leaman PLAZAPLAZA

Lawrence Leaman PLAZAPLAZA

Lawrence Leaman PLAZAPLAZA