Herald Patch

Eoin Donnelly, Sara Knowland, Esmeralda Valencia-Lindström & Julia Calver (Organised by Sara Knowland)


I first heard the term herald patch through a friend who is a Dermatologist. It refers to an eczema-like lesion on your skin - the first sign of a rash that will spread over much of the body. The herald patch, tends to be larger than any of the other marks that will appear after it.

The name seemed full of metaphorical potential, with the two words caught between a proclamation and a restriction. To me it suggested an annunciation of limits.

Be it materially, narratively, or visually, the works in this show are borne of a modest set of choices; the way they announce themselves, erupts from these lean parameters.



Herald Patch


Herald Patch1


Herlad Patch 1


Herlad Patch 6


Herlad Patch 4


Herlad Patch 5