Est 2011, is an art gallery/ studios in Elephant & Castle, London



Erica Eyres  Too Shy To Party 

PV Friday 6th August 6-9pm

Open by appointment only 7th - 28th August

DM or email us @_plazaplaza plazaplazacounty(at)



 Andrew Mealor Ambien

Taylor Silk Soft Porn

Will Thompson Chippy Dinner

Lydia Blakeley Hellhole

Patrick H Jones Juggle

Richie Moment SundowneR

Ima-Abasi Okon Parables for The Blazer

Ben Wolf Noam

Lucia Quevedo Play 2 Win

Gabriel Hartley

Patrick Cole Are We There Yet?

Sam Venables Slummy

Tom Railton Rubblewerk

Henna Vainio Legs

Monty Word of Mouth

Eoin Donnelly, Sara Knowland, Esmeralda Valencia-Lindström & Julia Calver Herald Patch

Glen Pudvine, Joshua Sex & Sanja Todorovic Every emotion under the sun, that's what I'm feeling

Issy Wood & Lewis Teague Wright Mini Cooperation

Timmy Foxon Schlep

Fani Parali & Sam Austen A cool drink to cheek

Lawrence Leaman Double Headed Cut Outs

Sophie Lee M A K R A M I

Alex Rathbone Shortish long hair/ overnight money ( uncontrollable urge)

Lucy Beech Buried Alive

Chris McSherry CLIFFING

Mark Van Yetter Class Action

Simon Werner & Viktor Timofeev Sphynx cats Nuzzle

Paul Kneale Poetry and Dream

Fay Nicolson Bad Signs

Jackson Sprague Birdkeeping

Dominic Watson Semi Pro




70 County Street - SE1 4AD - London